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What is Medical Marijuana and How is It Carried Out?

Medical Marijuana is one of the oldest forms of medicine known to man, but it has just recently became available for use due to a longstanding legal prohibition against it. Marijuana heals thru 2 means, Cannabanoids and Terpenes.

Cannabanoids are the building blocks of the Marijuana plant. Currently we know of 484 Cannabanoids which include CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, ect. Cannabanoids work on our bodies with a function similar to vitamins, as they make our receptors operate more efficiently. Just like with vitamins, we do not make cannabanoids on our own. However, we do maintain levels of Cannabanoids in our body as a natural function. Cannabanoids also operate on our Receptors in a process similar to vitamins. Cannabanoids enter our CB1 and CB2 receptors thru the walls, instead of binding them up like most medications, and allow our receptors to function better.

Terpenes are another essential part of the healing power in the Marijuana Plant. Terpenes have been used in Holistic medicine for thousands of year and are used frequently from day-to-day in treating our most common problems. The most well known terpene to most people is menthol, however there are hundreds of terpenes and they all have healing potential. The Marijuana plant is unique in terpene production because unlike most plants which only produce a single terpene, The Marijuana plant is capable of producing every terpene known to us. Marijuana is also the only plant we know of with this unique ability.

Why Do You Need this Therapy?

As mentioned, Marijuana contains essential properties for our bodies natural system. Due to its eradication from our continent in the late 1930’s, we no longer receive these cannabnoids naturally thru our food, or thru our skin because it no longer grows everywhere around us. We believe there is a correlation between the onset of many new diseases like cancer and the eradication of Marijuana from our continent. As a whole our levels of Cannabanoids have dropped since this occurred and the new diseases did not surface until exactly one generation after Marijuana was eradicated. Medical Professionals are already recognizing that people with higher levels of cannabanoids retained naturally, live healthier lives. Therefore it is essential for this treatment to be utilized regularly by anyone seeking to feel better on a day-to-day basis.


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