Experience the power of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy and confidently embrace a stronger, youthful, and more intimate lifestyle!

commonly treated symptoms

We have the power to alleviate these symptoms and empower both men and women to live their best lives. Let's embrace the opportunity to make a positive impact today


By restoring hormone levels, especially estrogen and testosterone, HRT can improve sleep quality and increase energy expenditure, leaving you feeling less tired.

Low Libido

Hormone replacement therapy, particularly with hormones like estrogen and testosterone, can directly target the hormones that regulate sex drive, potentially bringing back your libido.

Weight Gain

While not a magic bullet for weight loss, HRT can help regulate metabolism and improve muscle mass, both of which can contribute to a healthier weight management.

Mood Swings

Hormonal fluctuations can significantly impact mood. HRT can help stabilize these fluctuations, particularly those related to estrogen and progesterone, leading to more emotional balance and reducing mood swings.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Here at Treasure Coast Medical, we offer personalized hormone replacement therapy (HRT) programs on The Treasure Coast. Our experienced healthcare providers will work with you to identify the root cause of your hormonal issues and develop a safe, effective treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

The bioidentical hormones used at Treasure Coast Medical have been approved by the FDA and have been tested for safety. HRT in general has been well researched thru studies all over the world. Some studies strongly suggest that HRT is not only the most beneficial Health and Wellness treatment for aging, but it is also a CURE for Diabetes. Our clients on BHRT are monitored closely by our medical professionals to ensure maximum effectiveness. Most often, doses are adjusted regularly according to our client’s symptoms and needs, with the goal of minimizing or eliminating the symptoms being treated.

Every client of Treasure Coast Medical BHRT treatment has an initial blood test to check their hormone levels. Our comprehensive lab panel measures over 65 biomarkers and is specific to optimizing your health and wellness. Our providers will discuss your results of this lab test during your initial consultation and answer ALL of your questions. After 7 weeks a follow-up lab panel is completed and another in-person consult is scheduled to manage progress and make adjustments. Adjusting your BHRT dose based on your changing hormone levels and symptoms is imperative for maximum effectiveness of the treatment. Every client’s treatment plan is individually tailored to meet their needs and this makes us a leader in the industry.

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