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Healing From The Inside-Out!

We have grown our brand – Treasure Coast Medical Doctors- from scratch to become the best alternative medicine clinic in Fort Pierce, FL. We leverage years of experience to give you outstanding solutions every time. Our team understands that you need access to a safe and certified clinic to get medical marijuana. Still, it is important to do so with proper guidance from qualified people. After all, the best results happen when you use high-quality alternative medicine. This is why we have come closer to you in Fort Pierce, FL.

A team of highly qualified practitioners is on standby to help you. First, they will speak with you to get more information about your ailments. Next, you will be professionally assessed to ensure you qualify for the States medical marijuana treatment program. Then, you get your recommendation and the ability to purchase marijuana from any dispensary in our state. Trust me, these steps are fast, so you will walk out happy and fulfilled soon after walking through our doors.

We answer all your questions. Do you have any concerns about using marijuana as alternative medicine? Have you been experiencing any side effects? With us, you have the freedom to ask anything. Here’s the good news, after years of helping patients get marijuana for medicine, we have all the answers you need.

Our service is legalized, 100% risk-free, backed by authentic Florida Medical Marijuana Certifications. And you don’t pay for a consultation.

So, call us or send a message, and feel free to come by our office at Fort Pierce, FL, any time.
With humble beginnings, we started our mission in March 2018 in a small two-room office. Over the last 3 years, we have grown into one of the largest Medical Cannabis Offices in Florida. Our goal has been to provide top notch customer service to all of our patients.
We have found that people truly appreciate fair prices and the ability to contact their doctor’s office, at any time. We have established ourselves as a leader in customer service and hope to continue our success for many years to come.
Healing from the Inside-Out is not only our motto, but it is also what we seek to achieve in every encounter we have with our Patients. It is common understanding that our bodies do not recover well from injury, when we are sad or depressed. The most effective recovery comes when we are happy, energetic and focused on getting back to normal. Therefore, it is our goal to help each of our patients find happiness while they are healing. We have a friendly facility that is not set-up like your everyday Doctors office. We offer games and promote fellowship between everyone in our office. Our Staff is friendly, down to earth and they will do everything they can to ensure you are comfortable during your visit. Our Primary Physician is Aldino Cellini MD. Dr. Cellini is a cardiologist which also practices at Melbourne Hospital regularly completing some of the most complex heart surgeries in the country. His firm belief in Cannabis’s ability to heal, and his desire to help his patients, has given our office a dynamic that is unmatched.

Get the Support You Need in Fort Pierce, FL

Treasure Coast Medical Doctors offers you confidential medical evaluations personalized for your particular needs. We offer a 100% price-match guarantee. We will help you find happiness while you heal.

Money Back Guarantee • Price Match Guarantee

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Fort Pierce

Let us help you get your legal permission to use medicinal marijuana. All you need to do is complete these simple steps;
1. First, contact our doctors in Fort Pierce, Florida, to get certified.
2. Next, after your request is approved, our staff will educate you about how the Florida Cannabis program works and legal guidelines.
3. Finally, we will help you obtain the Florida Marijuana Card, which allows you to visit a state medical marijuana dispensary to purchase Cannabis products legally.
You will then be eligible to visit any dispensary in the State to obtain your medication and will complete a follow-up visit with us once every 7 months to monitor your progress.

Our Mission

We have a mission to provide convenient, compassionate, and professional support to our clients who need to use Cannabis for relief while recovering from severe health conditions or during treatment. Our customer-centered services render comprehensive evaluations to know who needs to use Cannabis. We will give you access to the right cannabis strain and dosage for your health condition.

All we do at Treasure Coast Medical Doctors is help people feel better with alternative medicine. So, come into our office at Fort Pierce, FL today. We can give you a lasting solution to your problems.

Your Benefits

Now’s the time to take advantage of our alternative healing service. Getting certified by a licensed doctor in Fort Pierce, Florida, protects you from punishments mandated by the state for the illegal use of Cannabis. Do it the right way now that we have made it easy and confidential.

Who can use Cannabis?

Anyone with the following health conditions can legally buy and use Cannabis in recommended dose:

Please note- if your medical condition is not listed, please call us to book an evaluation to determine your eligibility.

Applicable fees

Here are the fees you are required to pay for a Florida Marijuana Card;
Both fees are affordable (once per 12 months). For Pricing Options. Click Here

Let’s help you begin your journey to better health

It starts with an appointment. Contact our friendly staff at Fort Pierce, FL, to make a booking. You can do this via phone call, text, or email. Our services are available any time. We will help you obtain your Florida Medical Marijuana Card that allows you to start buying Cannabis from our certified dispensary.
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