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Medical Weight Loss

Our motto “Healing from the Inside-Out!” ultimately represents our belief that you must be happy to heal effectively. It is well understood in the medical community that the best results in healing from any injury or ailment, come in situations where a Patient is Happy, Motivated, and in good spirits throughout the healing process. This is our standard for ALL of our treatment programs, especially Medical Weight Loss. It is our goal to maintain Patient motivation throughout treatment so that the results will always exceed expectations. Your health and longevity is our main mission.

Weight Loss Program

For more than 20 years, Dr. Sigman has treated obesity with amazing success. He has accomplished this by placing a focus on overall health and wellness, while strategically leveraging medications that have been strategically studied and has shown as one of the most safe and effective weight loss drugs on the market. These medication are at new weight loss drug. 

In a lot of situations, weight gain is not the central ailment or issue. There are typically several underlying conditions which have combined to cause abnormal fat accumulation. By addressing all of the underlying ailments that have led to the weight gain first. Medication can be used to increase the body’s ability to burn the excessive fat, leading to a happier and healthier life.
Burning abnormal fat is a process that becomes more difficult as it accumulates in the body. The more abnormal fat we have, the faster we gain weight, and the harder it becomes to burn the abnormal fat cells. This makes losing the first 15-20 pounds, the most difficult. Once you have stopped the abnormal fat from accumulating and are able to begin the process of burning the abnormal fat cells, losing the weight becomes easier and easier. This is all due to how abnormal fat works.
We like to compare abnormal fat cells to factories in order to explain this concept. Each abnormal fat cell produces 15+ chemicals, which compels the body to continue making abnormal fat at a higher rate and makes it more difficult for the body to destroy the abnormal fat that has already been produced. This leads to us accumulating weight much quicker after we gain the first 15-20 lbs. and makes burning more fat cells than are created more and more difficult with each pound we gain.
Medications like Phentermine and Semaglutide allow us to burn the abnormal fat, despite the chemicals attempting to stop us from doing so. Also, it burns the fat at an increased rate. As the fat begins to burn off at a higher rate, the pounds start to come off. Using medication to gain a strategic edge, while treating the underlying condition(s) that caused the weight gain, will see you lose the weight and keep it off.
For more information check out Dr. Sigmans TCMD Sheer Contours Manual below. This manual explains our entire weight loss program in detail.



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