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Specialty Care

It is our goal to provide access to the health care that is needed by our community, at a cost that is affordable for everyone. With our current health care system, it can sometimes be expensive to visit the doctor, even when you have health insurance. We are often forced to manage our minor ailments on our own and make difficult decisions regarding when we should/should not visit the doctor. It is our goal to try and fix this issue. We are available to service all of your primary care, urgent care, and even specialty care needs at a reduced cost. Most visits are often available same day, and via telemedicine. Making our setup even more convenient.

Healthcare for Less Than Most Co-Pays!

Primary care visits will include things like refills on blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication, or heart medication. These visits are typically very quick and meant to address regular health issues which are stable and change rarely.

Urgent care visits include issues that can be addressed via acute care procedures. This would include things like a common cold, flu, sports injuries, or medical questions. These visits typically require a little more time to complete.

Specialty/Complex care visits include issues that require more time, and more unique treatment methods. This would include things like rare disease, medical evaluations for disability, and injuries/ailments requiring prescriptions for scheduled medications.

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